How To Make Her Orgasm

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How To Make Her Orgasm!

Give yourself a big pat on the back for wanting to know how to make her orgasm. There are several ways to making a woman orgasm and we are going to discuss most of them. Also we’ll explain a woman’s sexual anatomy and what her mindset has to do with how to make her orgasm.

Yes… there is more to making her orgasm than just knowing her sexual anatomy and it’s the most important, It’s her mindset. A woman’s mindset has everything to do with how easily she can achieve an orgasm.

If she is thinking about picking up the dry cleaning or getting groceries she’s a long way from having an orgasm so now ya see what mindset has to do with making her orgasm. You have to get her in the mood!

How To Get Her In the Mood


Wrong Mindset

Linda is whipped between dinner, dishes, homework and baths she baked cupcakes for a little league bake sale and washed two loads of laundry after one of the twins spun his self around so much he puked all over his sheets and blankets.

Linda gets into bed and finds Mike has been laying in wait for her and he immediately starts kissing her and kneading her breasts. Linda thinks I need to add toilet paper to the grocery list in the morning and remember to pick up the dry cleaning after dropping the kids off at school.

By this time Mike has been rubbing her clit for 5 minutes before she even feels anything he has done to her. Linda tries to put her attention on having an orgasm so she can go to sleep and she knows Mike isn’t going to give up.

He pushes two fingers inside her and strokes her clit with his thumb. Ten more minutes of stroking her pussy and she finally lets out a moan as her body convulses with an orgasm. Mike finally feels like he’s succeeded and slides his cock inside her pussy, releases his cum and everybody’s happy…

Linda and Mike had sex but Linda was only there mentally long enough to orgasm because she knew Mike wouldn’t give up until she came. This has led to faking orgasms in the past just because she wasn’t into it mentally and wanted to get it over with.

Right Mindset

Mike returns home from work and finds Linda in the kitchen fixing dinner. He walks up behind her and wraps his arms around her kissing her lightly on the side of her neck and tells her she looks beautiful. Linda melts into Mike and gets that warm fuzzy feeling.

Dinner, dishes, homework, baths and all the kids in bed, Linda finally sits down to relax a little before taking her bath.

Mike comes to her and takes her by the hand to their bathroom where he’s ran her bath water, lit a candle and poured a glass of wine for her.Linda feels that warm and fuzzy feeling again this time slipping her arms around Mike’s neck and kissing him deeply.

Mike kneads her breast through her top and eventually releases her to bathe. Linda relaxes in the tub and drinks her wine while thinking about how lucky she is to have Mike and she gets that warm and fuzzy feeling again.

Linda finds Mike in bed waiting for her and she removes her robe and climbs onto the bed. She wants to make him feel as good as he does her. She kisses Mike and slides down to his nipples, licking each one turning them into taut little points. She kisses a trail down his chest and stomach and takes his cock into her mouth, sucking, licking and slurping until he stops her and makes her lay down.

He then showers the same attention to her breasts and kisses a trail down to her clit where he separates her lips and licks her from her opening up to where her clit is standing at attention. She moans as he begins assaulting her clit with his tongue. Licking it back and forth, his lips form a soft suction around it as he pushes his fingers in and out of her pussy. She moans as she orgasms.

Mike softly caresses her clit just as she starts to stop quivering and she shakes with another orgasm. She has a third, fourth and is starting to move her hips up to his touch telling Mike she’s ready for more. He has a special toy for Linda when he’s got her worked up like this and pulls out her favorite 10 inch dildo.

He adds a nice amount of KY to the head and then puts some KY on his fingers and pushes them as far as he can reach inside Linda’s pussy. She moans and Mike knows she’s ready as he pushes the dildo slowly inside of her, telling her to relax while he softly touches her clit.

When he’s got 8 inches inside her he starts pumping it in and out, each time pushing it in deeper inside her. Linda moans and rocks her hips back and forth. Mike pushes all 10 inches inside her holding it still while Linda pumps her hips and squeezes the dildo with her pussy. She starts quivering as her body convulses with another earth shattering orgasm. Mike removes the dildo slowly letting her orgasm. Mike feels successful and pushes his cock into her slippery, hot pussy and pumps in and out steadily until he lets out a moan and shoots his load deep inside her and everybody is extremely happy and fulfilled.

How to get your woman in the right mindset is to show her attention before you want her in the bedroom. Do something nice, like pick her some wildflowers. Buy her a bottle of her favorite wine. Tell her she’s beautiful. Kiss her and tell her what you want to do to her. Hold her hand. Run her bath water. Look into her eyes and tell her you love her.

For a woman sex is just as much mental as physical. Woman are emotional creatures so when you appeal to them emotionally by showing them love, gratitude and desire it triggers that warm and fuzzy feeling that gets those love juices flowing.

80% of woman have never had a squirting orgasm in their life!

G Spot Video

Are you one of the 80%, is the lady in your life one? 

You or they don’t have to be! 

Watch the free video about how to find and stimulate the G-spot until she squirts. Don’t worry it’s all very tastefully done, it’s not porn at all and it’s FREE!

Do You Know Why Most Woman Cheat Or Leave Their Partner?

I’m a woman who left my first husband because we only had sex once a month. Seriously, once a month and then it was on and off, I used to call him rabbit man!

I was so sexually unsatisfied it ruined my marriage. A sexless relationship is a leading cause of why people leave their partners. We all know just how important good sex is to a relationship but what if you could please your woman like no other man can and have her hot and ready any time you wanted?

Are Erection Problems Causing Trouble In Your Relationship?

Sometimes men have erection problems due to underlying medical problems 10562943-happy-smiling-senior-couple-standing-together-with-an-embrace-isolated-on-white-backgroundand if you are having trouble achieving an erection, please go see your Doctor!

Sometimes as men age their testosterone levels drop which is just a fact of life but it is easily treatable with various drugs and a good checkup is probably in order just to make sure there isn’t any underlying problems that are leaving you unable to perform in the bedroom.

Listen guys, getting older and not performing are words you no longer say, hear or use. Even if your lady wants to have sex after squirting all over the place, buy her a nice big toy to squeeze on. Your mate doesn’t have to suffer and your relationship doesn’t have to suffer because of impotency either.

Downloadable right now are the keys to becoming the best lover every woman dreams of! 

If you wanted to learn proven techniques on how to make her orgasm, wouldn’t you want to find a blueprint that’s proven to make her have the ultimate squirting orgasm every time you use them?

I have such a blueprint as that!

It covers everything starting from her mindset which we know is where it all starts. It completely covers the female sexual anatomy and personally demonstrates the techniques used to stimulate her erogenous zones and make her orgasm every time you use them without fail!

What’s In the Blueprint?

There are 10 modules in the blueprint and it is way too much material for me to cover in this post but you can get the Female Orgasm Blueprint Module titles and short descriptions by visiting the About page.

You know what the best thing is? You don’t have to wait! It’s totally down loadable right now, no can watch it now and make her squirt tonight.

You can watch online in the members area or download them onto your computer for viewing offline later.

It’s one very low cost, no up-sells (I hate up-sells) and the billing is very discreet and appears as CK Media on your credit card statement. 

There isn’t any special programs you need to watch the videos, if you can watch YouTube videos, you can watch techniques performed that are proven to make her squirt!


G Spot Video




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